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Great find the other week

  • Went to do our Monthly tip run of stuff on the property.
    Always have a look at the computer section of the tip to see what people have thrown out. (The workers don’t mind) well I found a MacBook (only a 2011) but all it needed was a new charger (cause the one that was with was just working) and apparently Macs don’t like a dead battery and was running so slow. So new battery works like new again

  • Well I spoke to soon. Decided to turn off and not start up again the other day haha. Suspecting the hard drive is failing so I’m saving up for a SSD for it

  • Take it to Apple. They’ll charge $400 for a $80 hard drive and keep the old one

  • @The-J-Man said in Great find the other week:

    Take it to Apple. They’ll charge $400 for a $80 hard drive and keep the old one

    And they will cheer and clap as they fleece you ...

  • Funnily enough, built a PC for a mate, a through and through 'Mac Guy' ... so he knows fuck all about computers ... I shit you not, he took it home Friday and by Saturday Morning he'd managed to not only get it infected but also trashed the Windows Subsystem and Registry to a point where all I could do was do a Reset on it and re-install everything I set up for him on Friday ... of course he tried blaming me, Windows and everything else but he forgot he already told me he was on Warez sites downloading his 'apps' and installed 3 different 'screen saver programs' ... ROFLMAO ... put a decent AV on it for him before I turned it back over to him, to protect him from himself and save me having to remote in to fix it again.

  • @The-J-Man yea never trusted apple.

    Did end up getting it fix. The new battery worked wonders, still had issues.
    MacBooks pro early 2011 have an issue with the discrete gpu failing.
    I have applied a temporary fix that works,
    The permanent fix I’ll have to solder things on the MB and I do not trust myself with that at all haha
    @bravo wanna give me a hand.

  • @param420 said in Great find the other week:

    solder things on the MB

    Not hard if your young with good eyes and have the gear, a fucking bitch if your old and as blind as a bat LOL.

  • @Les
    Yea I have good eyes but I hands shakes and I don’t have the gear haha

  • @param420 said in Great find the other week:

    but I hands shakes

    If it's not something medical, just brace your arm below your elbow [lean on something soft]. You will be surprised how much of the shakes that stops. I did fine TIG welding for years and taught hundreds of apprentices how to do it [only because I hated welding LOL].

  • @param420 said in Great find the other week:

    @bravo wanna give me a hand.

    Erm ... soldering motherboards? I don't think so, that's all surface mount stuff!

  • @bravo yea it is.
    Apple calls their motherboards, logicboards. It looks easy enough. Just need to get a few things.

    But it works with the fix I have done. Just need to do it every time it updates

  • @bravo said in Great find the other week:

    soldering motherboards?

    I've never tried motherboards but have done circuit boards in amps and DACs and have seen audio cards given new inputs.
    Printed boards fuck knows, maybe hitting it with a hammer will work ☺

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