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Very Social media like

  • Just saying
    Noticing this forum software is like a social media site cross with a forum. It’s cool

  • @param420 It's called nodebb and it isn't as "stylable" as I'd hoped

    Sure, I can restyle it, but the amount of work to get it done (the first time) is a PITA

    The forum software, written in nodejs, runs behind an nginx reverse proxy, and a mongo database

    At the moment, it's all running on a fairly low spec VPS over in Los Angeles, as 🇦🇺 hosting companies think they can charge 10 times 🇺🇸 and 🇬🇧 just because

    Data (and that's the main cost in buying a VPS) in 🇦🇺 should not be that expensive ... it's pulses of light in a glass tube FFS

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