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hows life treating you?

  • wow flutterby, it sounds like you have been through the same thing as me. mum is in a rehab centre after being in hospital with breathing difficulty she is on 2 litres of oxygen 24/7 and she cant even use the bathroom without oxygen.
    i have pneumonia and a broken rib from coughing.
    its so hard to care for a parent who is so sick.
    my condolences on your mum assing,
    mandyj xxx

  • passing sorry my p doesnt work.

  • I'm so sorry about the death of your Mum flutterby.

    In my own life over the past few years I've had similar trauma to you. It's fucking sobering. You get to an age where your own mortality just smacks you right in the face. Ageing parents wasn't something I thought a lot about. Turns out that you don't get much of a lead in time until you have to start dealing with and thinking about it.

  • I've had the worst 7 months of my life, dad got very ill in late November. Was in hospital for the maximum of 35 days they allow you in NSW [$1400 a day after that]. Over that 35 days, they called me in 5 times with we don't think he's going to last any more than a couple of hours. Sister up in Brisbane thinking dad was dying went nuts thinking she wasn't getting anything out of dad's will, so she went to war with the rest of the family [mainly our mother]. Brother got himself thrown in jail for 2 months for multiple pot driving offences while dad was in the hospital. When dad got kicked out of the hospital he had to go into a nursing home, because he still owned 50% of mum's place the nursing home started to charge us $1800 a fortnight. Sister decided that she and her 28 year old son would beat up my brother when he got out of jail trying to get him thrown back into jail so she could get power of attorney over my mother, but when the police came they decided it was my nephew was the one at fault [my brother is a fuckup but he's not volient] and put a AVO on him, he, in turn, put a private AVO on my brother. All ended up in DVO court, I had to pay for his barrister [2 days 4.5k]. To sort out the nursing home fees mum and dad had to do a financial separation agreement [3.5k each]. Dad has been getting better and the aim is to get back home with me here in Byron Bay [he's only down the road at Bangalow], but he's still unable to walk so will probably take another 4 to 6 months in the nursing home to get him back on his feet. There is probably another 10 layers to all this shit, which has left me broke and about 17k in debt. We're going to have to sell the farm, but are trying to hang off till next year when the family will have owned it 100 years. With my share of the farm and a share of mum's place [I own 25% of that], I'll end up alright [to be honest quite affluent]. But I was never after the money I just wanted to live out my life here.

    Life has been treating me like shit lately.

  • Ahhh family, there is nothing like it when a Will is involved. Going through that now. My moron of an old man went and put his motorbike into a van 18 months ago in the UK. I was 'totes devs' as the kids say yawn. My 3 idiot brothers raced to the UK and cremated him, took what they could from his house and came home. Being a complete arsehole, the old mans will was great, including my two alleged half brothers (one conceived halfway through my parents 17 year marriage) he split his 'estate' in two, my second actual brother getting half (good luck to him, he's the only one that still spoke to the old cunt), the other half being split 5 ways with the rest of us. Of course my two dipshit other real brothers, the two pot smoking losers who blame everything and everyone else for their own spectacular life failures, wanted to challenge the will, I laughed and said 'they can stick their money where it fits. I don't want his shit. If any comes this way I'll build a besser block wall just so I can go out and piss on it every day'. So that killed all their plans for any legal shenanigans.

    Cheque came through for $15 000 the other day … getting a quote on besser block walls now.

  • @Dread said in hows life treating you?:

    getting a quote on besser block walls now

    I'll do it for $14999 😄

  • @Dread Yes it's fucking stupid when it comes to family and wills, the thing is there was more than enough money to take care of everyone. We might be a bunch of bogans but we have very good assets. Stupid sister and nephew have just got themselves written out of my mum's will. If you know a will is going to be contested there are things that can be done to fuck them up beforehand.

  • Simply put them in the will for a token amount. Can't contest if you have been left a share. It doesn't have to be an equal share. For added insurance your parents can write why they have left each share as is.

  • @Dread You don't even have to do that. What you do need to do is add extra paperwork with your will with the reasons spelt out why you don't want them to receive anything. They can still contest, but it won't get anywhere and will be thrown out at the first hearing. About the worst, they can do is delay it but if you have the extra paperwork with your will, they will only get away with that once or twice. And if you want to go to the nuclear option get a "mini mental test" done by a GP [about $100] just before you do your will and videotape your will, but that is only really needed if you're going to cut out your whole family. BTW the token amount can still be contested if you don't have the reasons spelt out with extra paperwork filled with your will. There are a few more steps like don't appoint an executor who is in the will, or they will be able to attack that. A good solicitor who is experienced in family law will be able to sort it all out.

  • @Dread said in hows life treating you?:

    If any comes this way I'll build a besser block wall just so I can go out and piss on it every day

    Comedy Gold

  • @Les Fucking hell Les, that's a rough fucking ride you've been through!
    How are you traveling now?

  • @Les So true about the extra paperwork.

    Here's a hint for new players: If you want to leave someone out of your will who is legally entitled to claim from your estate, you need to make it very fucking clear. Not IN the will but in a separate document stating your reasons why etc.

    My Grandmother tried to cut someone out (not me) but she didn't leave a separate stat. dec. (or otherwise accepted paperwork) to support her decision to disinherit someone else who was entitled to claim.

    Absolute expensive pain in the arse.

  • @Angela-Anaconda said in hows life treating you?:

    How are you traveling now?

    I'm as close to bankrupt as I ever want to get, but luckily I'm at the best personally as I've ever been in my life. So I handled it well. We'll get through it all but it looks I'm going to have to keep on taking a very active roll in my families welfare. Not bad for a guy who only ever wanted to live out in a shed in the bush.

  • Mandy's latest tatt


  • Eye see ...

  • Should have been a devil. then you could subtly be playing homage to INXS, if that's your thing. 🙂

  • @bravo looks good. 🙂

  • Mandy isn't the only one with a mid life crisis

    This was my first, done a couple of weeks ago


    Then last Tuesday, I got a weeping angel (Dr Who geek)


    And tonight I got another Dr Who one (obscure though)


    The angel and the Quantum Shade are possibly the start of a theme :d


  • Tattoos are addictive you know.. 😉

  • @Snark said in hows life treating you?:

    Tattoos are addictive you know.. 😉

    I've now had 3 in less than 3 weeks - so, yes, I know!!!

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