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Bloody smash repairers!!

  • Had someone hit me from behind Thursday before last ... hit my car, not me 😄

    Put the car in for repair last Monday, hire car for a week, all good

    Last Friday, repairers contact me to tell me the car wont be ready until Tuesday - fuck - rang Budget, got the hire car extended by one day - all good, I'm eligible for up to 14 days.

    So, just now, they "found more damage when we" (what the FUCK have they been doing for the last week) and the part won't be in until next Tuesday, so at best my car wont be ready until next Wednesday. Fucking great, because my hire car car only go to next Monday - and because it's a "parts delay" there's no way to extend the rental any further!!

    Seriously, such a minor dent and it took them a WEEK to find damage behind the bumper when they were putting the fucking thing back together!!

  • things that should go smoothly rarely do

  • That’s why I do my own work now. Haha. Literally thought myself so I didn’t need to depend on mechanics for most things.
    Apart from timing belt and clutches I can do pretty much everything else ohh and air con degassing.

  • @param420 said in Bloody smash repairers!!:

    Apart from timing belt and clutches

    The clutch is pretty easy, the hard part is getting the shit out of the way to get to it!

  • @helly yea I watch the repairer do the work. Being a front wheel drive it was a fun job getting out haha.

  • @bravo
    My retired mate had a friend staying while she was waiting for her unit to become vacant. She had a 5 day old car she had just bought and he backed his van straight into it..... both at the panel beaters/repairers at the moment so she is driving his second vehicle and I am doing taxi service when required.

  • you people in eastern states talk funny we don't have smash repairers here in SA we have crash repairers lol

  • Of fucking joy

    They called again today. The part on back order arrived - except it was he wrong one

    So they ordered the part again and expect it Monday at the earliest - so the car won't be ready until next Friday at the earliest

    WTF!!! 4 days to put a part on?

    And, this made me realise something. The obvious damage was a busted bumper. So what they did was order the bumper, which probably came in last Friday - which is why I got the ETA of Tuesday - i.e. they'd fit it Monday

    Then, on Monday, when they were fitting it, that is when hey discovered the other damage

    So, they sat on the job, doing FUCK ALL for FIVE FUCKING DAYS without even looking at it, waiting for the bumper to come in!!

  • it is very frustrating trying to get something done and we all love our cars and lost without them. I always tell my husband if I had to choose between my car and him I'd have to pick the car as it takes me out more than he does. Also I have to have a car for work, no car no work.

  • @bravo which part are they trying to get?

  • @bravo knowing your car, the rear bumper has sensors in it also that could have been damaged.
    I learnt that when I rear ended a bmw

  • No, nothing to do with the bumper @param420 they knew that, it was obvious - the problem is, they didn't check BEHIND the bumper until they started to replace it, a WEEK after they got the car - even though they told me it would be 7-8 days IN CASE THERE'S DAMAGE BEHIND THE BUMPER

    What they failed to mention was, they wouldn't bother checking for 5 days!

  • @bravo bloody mechanics. I bet they will make some bullshit up to the insurance company or something to get more $$

  • @param420 said in Bloody smash repairers!!:

    bloody mechanics

    a few years ago my daughter took her yaris to a toyota dealership for a service, they suggested changing windscreen wipers over as they needed replacing. Haha big joke she had replaced them a week before. Now she goes to mechanics who aren't part of a dealership or franchise

  • Hugs my NRMA Comprehensive Policy, car hire until I get the car back.

  • @Lizard-King said in Bloody smash repairers!!:

    Hugs my NRMA Comprehensive Policy, car hire until I get the car back.

    Yeah, I think I didn't opt-in for that with my insurer

    edit: no, wait, my insurer doesn't offer that at all - guess that's why they're so fucking cheap!

  • So, I called them to see what time my car will be ready tomorrow

    Nope ... next Wednesday at the earliest most likely next Thursday

    Because the part that was supposed to arrive on Monday only arrived today ... and with next Monday being a public holiday, and they need about 4 days to pull half the car apart, install the part, and put the car back together again that fucks me up even more!!

    Would've been nice if they'd contacted me on Monday to tell be there's a further delay


    Absolute fucking fucktard arsehole shithead cunts

  • and i want my car back

  • Had to put my Outlander in a few weeks ago … according to my insurer 'someone' sideswiped me in the carpark and didn't leave a note' and it totally wasn't me dropping my kayak when trying to put it up into the roofracks … but I digress … Repairer was awesome, they arranged a new hire car with budget, sent me an Uber to take me from dropping the car off to Budget and then another Uber from Budget back to the Repairer when the car was ready in 3 days. Did a pretty good job replacing the drivers mirror, repairing 3 dints and a couple of deep scratches above the drivers door, on the drivers door and in the back drivers side panel …

  • @Dread feel good story of the year

    But this is Whinge and Rant so I don't want a feel good story


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