You will need to register if you were an old (2012) MCL user

Just to be clear, while this is, Paris let the old place die, all posts from the original MCL are most likely gone forever

Don't let the fact that your browser remembers your old username and password fool you, but you can, of course, use your old username here, when you register

MCL theme created

  • I know it doesn't look much different to what has been running, but creating my own theme means that

    • I'm not relying on hacky changes that could break easily
    • I have more control of the look of the place

    If you see any issues that weren't there this morning (29th May 2019), please let me know.

  • LOL - I've made it look a little more "old school" MCL 😄

    edit: turned most of the old school off

    ugly 😛 - it looked like this:

    alt text

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