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What colour will you choose?

  • Get ready for it people. I don't think you're going to have a choice what colour you glow though.

    A friend of mine reckons thatTownsville, Darwin & Pine Gap will be the first glowings, but I reckon those three will be vaporised.
    Technically there will be a glow first though, so he's right.

    At least the country we were born in has the right god, so Sco-Mo will be ok whatever happens.

  • Invest in Aluminium Foil shares and make a motza.

  • @Snark my friends who used to live in the NT near Alice springs used to drive pass like gap every few days.

  • Its always amusing to me when people genuinely think anyone would waste a Nuke on anything in Australia … I hope they never change ...

  • @Dread You reckon you can predict what that lunatic in North Korea is going to do?

  • I reckon he couldn't even point to Australia on a map of the world. And thats beside the point that his missiles rarely work, he doesn't have any warheads and even if he did, and even if his missiles worked ... don't you think that he has a bunch of other targets he'd rather vapourise like Seoul, Tokyo, anything with an American flag ... well before he thinks 'I know, fucking Australia! While the hypothetical range of our best still unproven rocket barely brushes Darwin, while overflying a bunch of other countries, and right where their strongest and best radar, air assets etc are - but fuck those Northern Territory Crocodile Dundee Wankers!'

    Cause it makes sense ...

  • @Dread said in What colour will you choose?:

    anything with an American flag

    I rest my case. Darwin & Pine Gap definitely. Townsville likely.

    Australia would be a good test site for him, because if he missed the targets, I doubt the US would respond, especially with that fool running the place.

  • @Snark said in What colour will you choose?:

    Australia would be a good test site for him

    but hsi missiles can't reach here, even if they worked, which they don't ... and he hates South Korea and Japan, which his missiles could reach, if they worked, far far far more than the US, and we are even further down that list.

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