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Let's talk Politics

  • Come on you right wing relgious numpties. Let's get this party started.
    How good is Sco-Mo?
    Tell me so I can spit my coffee at you while laughing.

  • Yawnnnnn

  • Your mum is asking after you.
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  • Yawnnnnn, rinse and repeat.

  • The New Grift: Hillary, Chelsea Clintoon Plan to Create a Femonazi Hollywood Production Company

    The Clintoons are on the move and finding new ways to grift — and perhaps launder money.

    Books, Clintoon Foundation and speeches have generally been the Clintoons’ way to launder money and peddle influence.

    Now they are planning on creating a Hollywood Femonazi production company.

    According to Bloomberg, twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clintoon and her daughter Chelsea are creating a Hollywood production company that “plan to focus on stories by and about women.”

    This is just a new way for Commies in DC to continue to push their radical left-wing agenda after they leave government jobs.

    The Hussein Obamas also signed on with Netflix to produce radical, anti-American films and control policy by threatening states like Georgia over abortion laws.

    Hillary Clintoon should be in an orange jumpsuit, not producing Hollywood films.

  • Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Corrupt to the core UN Warns Snowflake/SJW/NPC Julia Afflange could face the death penalty if extradited, Determines That He Has Been Exposed to Psychological Torture

    The United Nations has issued a scathing press release insisting that the “collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”
    Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on torture said that Assange has been exposed to psychological torture and warns that the award-winning publisher could face the death penalty if he is extradited to the United States.

    Melzer visited Assange along with two medical experts who specialize in examining potential torture victims on May 9.

    “My most urgent concern is that, in the United States, Mr. Assange would be exposed to a real risk of serious violations of his human rights, including his freedom of expression, his right to a fair trial and the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” said Melzer.

    “I am particularly alarmed at the recent announcement by the US Department of Justice of 17 new charges against Mr. Assange under the Espionage Act, which currently carry up to 175 years in prison. This may well result in a life sentence without parole, or possibly even the death penalty, if further charges were to be added in the future,” Melzer continued.

    Melzer also said that he is “gravely concerned” about the restrictions on lawyer visits and Assange’s lack of access to case files in Belmarsh prison, where he is currently being held. He said that the conditions make it impossible for him to adequately prepare his defense against the complex legal proceedings that are stacking up.

    On Thursday, Assange was too ill to appear for a hearing even by video link.He has been moved to the prison’s medical unit and cannot even hold a normal conversation with his lawyers.

    “Since 2010, when Wikileaks started publishing evidence of war crimes and torture committed by US forces, we have seen a sustained and concerted effort by several States towards getting Mr. Assange extradited to the United States for prosecution, raising serious concern over the criminalisation of investigative journalism in violation of both the US Constitution and international human rights law,” Melzer said.

    Melzer wrote that “there has been a relentless and unrestrained campaign of public mobbing, intimidation and defamation against Mr. Assange, not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Sweden and, more recently, Ecuador.”

    The UN statement said that this included an “endless stream of humiliating, debasing and threatening statements in the press and on social media, but also by senior political figures, and even by judicial magistrates involved in proceedings against Assange.”

    “In the course of the past nine years, Mr. Assange has been exposed to persistent, progressively severe abuse ranging from systematic judicial persecution and arbitrary confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy, to his oppressive isolation, harassment and surveillance inside the embassy, and from deliberate collective ridicule, insults and humiliation, to open instigation of violence and even repeated calls for his assassination.”

    Speaking about the visit that he and the medical professionals had with Assange earlier this month, Melzer said that it was obvious that his health had been seriously impacted by the “extremely hostile and arbitrary environment he has been exposed to for many years.”

    “Most importantly, in addition to physical ailments, Mr. Assange showed all symptoms typical for prolonged exposure to psychological torture, including extreme stress, chronic anxiety and intense psychological trauma,” the UN report said.

    “The evidence is overwhelming and clear,” the findings continued “Mr. Assange has been deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological torture.

    Melzer has sent official letters to the four governments involved in the campaign against Assange, urging them to “refrain from further disseminating, instigating or tolerating statements or other activities prejudicial to Assange’s human rights and dignity and to take measures to provide him with appropriate redress and rehabilitation for past harm.” He also urged the United Kingdom not to send the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee to the United States or to any other nation which may decide to extradite him here.

    “I condemn, in the strongest terms, the deliberate, concerted and sustained nature of the abuse inflicted on Mr. Assange and seriously deplore the consistent failure of all involved governments to take measures for the protection of his most fundamental human rights and dignity,” the expert said. “By displaying an attitude of complacency at best, and of complicity at worst, these governments have created an atmosphere of impunity encouraging Mr. Assange’s uninhibited vilification and abuse.”

    The report concluded with a strong condemnation of the actions of these governments in working to deliberately abuse him.

    “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law,” Melzer said. “The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”

    In 2016, after 16 months of investigation, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) concluded that Assange is the victim of arbitrary detention. Not only did the group of lawyers and human rights professionals release an opinion that Assange should be released, they also determined that he should be compensated by the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom for “deprivation of liberty.”

    Prior to the release of the UN report, the publisher’s mother, Christine Assange tweeted that the “UK Gov is unlawfully slowly killing my son!”

    “They made him very ill by refusing him ANY access to life sustaining fresh air, exercise, sun/VitD or proper medical care for 6 YEARS of illegal Embassy detention,” she tweeted at the United Nations Twitter account on Wednesday. “Then against ALL medical advice threw him into a prison cell.”

  • Creepy Hair Sniffer Joe Biden Lived in House That Forbid Resale to Blacks — Unless the Family had a Black Domestic Servant.

    According to Jet, a popular magazine marketed to African-American readers, Creepy Hair Sniffer Joe Biden once lived in a house that, per contract, prohibited ownership by “any Negro or person of Negro extraction” …unless they were a “domestic servant.”

  • Someone sure has a sense of humour. Orange Jump Suit Bound Hillary Clintoon has been chosen as keynote speaker at the Cyber Defense Summit 2019 conference.


  • Youtube Video

    John Cleese did an Oopsie.

  • Way to go you old cunt. Regurgitate your crap elsewhere. This thread was for discussion not walls of copied text.

    I should have said, let's talk Australian Politics.
    The world will be a slightly better place when you're gone.

  • @Smerk I was just thinking that as I read through.

    Actually over reading about trump lol.

    Actually over our stupid politics also but that’s in our face every day

  • I'm just about over the stupid politics too.
    But then I remember that I've got children, nephews, neices, grand nephews & grand neices that have to live here after we're gone.
    If we don't stand up, then the the fascists get just what they want, An (on the whole) meek population that does what they're told to do.
    Wake up sheeple do you really want to be just like the average chinese citizen?

  • @Snark said in Let's talk Politics:

    The world will be a slightly better place when you're gone.

    I will fucking come back and haunt you to eternity.

  • @Lizard-King said in Let's talk Politics:

    I will fucking come back and haunt you to eternity.

    No you won't. because you don't believe in fairy tales. 😛

  • @Snark said in Let's talk Politics:

    No you won't. because you don't believe in fairy tales.

    I would find a way.

  • The world will be a slightly better place when you're gone.

  • Meanwhile in soon to become a province of China/Victoristan

    Dear Leader Dan has made a big deal out of talking up the Australian content in Victoria’s huge $45 billion investment in infrastructure projects.

    Local content should be a priority and, indeed, the government needs to keep construction unions inside the tent to contain costs and keep industrial peace.

    Dear Leader Dan had pledged a minimum 92 per cent of Australian steel would be used in the $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel project.

    But as revealed Thursday by our state political editor Matt Johnston, contractors for the project have ordered a 33,000-tonne shipment of steel from the Chinese government-owned firm ZPMC.

    There are serious questions about what agreements were touted by Dear Leader Dan to foreign investors during his trip to China last month. Mr Andrews, the only Premier to have signed on to China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, has previously said he would work to attract Chinese investment in Victoria’s infrastructure program.

    No doubt imported Chinese steel would be a lot cheaper than Australian steel. But the decision may yet cost Dear Leader Dan much more in union fury and public faith.

  • It’s a good thing that the voices for AI assistants like Alexa and Siri always seem to be female. If they were male, frightbats would shriek that it constituted sexism by implying that men have all the answers. Since the voices are female… frightbats shriek anyway.

    It turns out the feminine voices are a patriarchal scheme:

    The revelation about this digital plot for male dominance comes in a 146-page report from the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in cooperation with the German government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition, a partnership of governments, businesses and nonprofits. …

    The report says that these voices send “a signal that women are obliging, docile, eager-to-please helpers, available at the touch of a button or with a blunt voice command like ‘hey’ or ‘OK.’”

    Like everything committed or excreted by the United Nations, the report was partially financed with your tax dollar. It raises the alarm that AI assistants, which exist only as lines of code, fail the #MeToo movement by not responding correctly to sexual harassment.

    If you tell Cortana she’s hot, the report frets, she’ll quip that “beauty is in the photoreceptors of the beholder.” Digital assistants “greet verbal abuse with catch-me-if-you-can flirtation” and “give deflecting, lacklustre, or apologetic responses to verbal sexual harassment,” the report says. This response fails “to encourage or model, let alone insist on, healthy communications about sex or sexual consent.”

    Imagine the relentlessly humorless preachiness of an AI assistant programmed by a UN world government. Good thing most of us won’t live to see liberals establish their global utopia.

    The authors declare that it is a sin against political correctness that a female-voiced computer program “responds to queries regardless of their tone or hostility” because this reinforces “gender biases that women are subservient and tolerant of poor treatment.”

    Maybe tech companies should go with male voices after all. They could keep liberals happy by having the assistant preface each response with, “I am only a lowly male so I am probably wrong, but I think the answer is…”

  • See. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Meanwhile In Ardernistan.

    The figures are in for New Zealand's "voluntary" gun "amnesty," and, well, anyone who understands gun ownership shouldn't be surprised.

    In a nation with 150,000 gun permits and an estimated 1.5 million guns in circulation, the number of actual military-style weapons turned in is...530.

    Obviously, not everyone in New Zealand is onboard with the country's hastily thrown together new law to expropriate weapons in the name of protection from mass shootings. What that utterly miserable "530" figure shows is mass resistance, in response to the complete stupidity of blaming a mass shooting on the gun, not the foreign terrorist using the gun. That's what New Zealand's lefty parliament came up with in the wake of a hideous mass shooting at a Christchurch mosque last March by an Australian national. Instead of enacting legislation to, say, keep the likes of this nut out of their country, the Kiwis decided to target New Zealand's gun-owners in what was abusively called an "amnesty," suggesting they were the ones who did something wrong. With turn-ins amounting to a rounding error, it's obvious they're resisting.

    When the gun grab was first announced, the press mendaciously reported that Kiwis were all in for this kind of expropriation and heaped tons of praise on the national character. An Agence France-Presse piece that ran in gun-controlled Singapore had particularly dishonest coverage here.

    Now the news, delicately expressed by, is that the rest of the gun-owners "might not surrender them." With a grand total of 530 in the hopper, ya think?

    The press is reporting that the owners are awaiting compensation information, which apparently the first turn-ins don't qualify for, but even that has an "off" smell to it. According to

    The Secretary of the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners, Nicole McKee, told NewstalkZB, the Government hasn't communicated their plans for prices for the buyback.

    "If they are being serious about their considerations and ensuring that there is fair and reasonable compensation, then firearm owners will wait a bit longer to make sure it is just and it is fair when it is received."

    Umm, what happens if it's not just and fair, lady? When you have government telling you what it will pay for your gun, you don't have any say-so in whether the price is just or fair. This sounds as though she's trying to deflect the issue.

    What's far more indicative, in fact, is that a one-day petition calling on the Legislature to think it through and not act hastily drew an instant 15,000-plus signatures. The dishonest AFP report claimed that those opposing the gun grab were from "the fringe element." Gotcha.

    What we are seeing here is the folly of hastily enacted gun control in response to a traumatic event. Guns in New Zealand have never been the problem for the place. According to Nationmaster, New Zealand actually has more crime per capita than the U.S., but it has far less violent gun crime, which doesn't suggest that the problem there is gun-owners. When I think of New Zealand crime, it's usually a matter of how teenagers can get into trouble, or how trashy some characters can be. But it's not the doing of people who own guns and who use them responsibly. Now the gun control legislation is flashing big signals that it's not working. According to, citing something more serious than activist press releases, the picture looks like this:

    However, police are anticipating a number of people with banned firearms in their possession won't surrender them, according to documents obtained by Stuff in an OIA.

    The result? The gun grab is a disaster. Not only does it falsely blame New Zealand's gentle, civil, rural, gun-oriented culture for the act of a foreign misfit who shouldn't have been let into the country in the first place, it now is leading to mass resistance. With one in four Kiwis believed to be gun-owners, according to the reports, as much as a quarter of the nation have become outlaws.

    Kiwis are choosing this over the left's hasty gun grab, knowing that the full issue is about defending oneself, particularly in rural settings, and maintaining the New Zealand way of life. If the government wants to destroy that, which it does, well, then a nation of outlaws is the logical outcome.

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